In a world where we already think so much and worry about literally each conflict in the world is Jur Costanza. Where our contemporary society more and more under his own weight, Jur just tries to illuminate, with playful illustrations, prints and murals. He is late public seeing That you do not have to take everything seriously.

Jur is an illustrator / artist based in Rotterdam. He is 15 years old started making graffiti, through this hobby he came on many different locations where he should not be and the most unusual situations experienced at all different times. Nowadays imagined he does this in his artworks and shows his own wide imagination. In which we find a mixture of his adventurous life in and around the city with his own fantasy world. Through his graffiti and graphic background he tries his broad selection of techniques, while maintaining his own distinctive style retains. By means of his looseness he does not focus on one particular thing but on the one he is most interested in at the time.



2011-2015 Sintlucas, Boxtel

2019 Accademia Di belle Arti, Bologna

2016- 2020 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam




instagram: @jur.costanza